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Register the Ignos application in Azure AD

To allow users to sign in to Ignos with their existing organizational ID, you first need to register the Ignos application and permit it to access user profiles in your Azure AD tenant. You then register the applications you want to allow users to access.

As an Azure Active Directory (AD) administrator, you can consent for your entire organization to use Ignos. Users can sign in to Ignos with their organizational identity without having to consent themselves.

Install Ignos enterprise application in Azure AD


To perform the steps below, you need to be an Azure AD administrator.

Permit Ignos to access user profiles in Azure AD

  1. In your browser, make sure that you've signed in to Azure AD as the tenant administrator, and then navigate to:

    Where YOUR_AAD_TENANT_ID is the ID of your Azure AD tenant. To find your tenant ID, see this article.

  2. If prompted, confirm the account you want to use to consent to the request.

  3. Review and accept the permission request information, and select Accept.

    For more information, see Understanding Azure AD application consent experiences.

    Admin Consent


    You can safely ignore any HTTP 400 errors you receive.

    You have now permitted Ignos to access user profiles in your Azure AD, and can register applications you wish to authorize to access the API.